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Please donate today to support a variety of programs:


  1. Family Connections Leadership Training Program;
  2. Mixed Family Connections Program;
  3. Sibling Family Connections Program;
  4. Parent Family Connections Program;
  5. Spousal Family Connections Coffee Club;
  6. Monthly Family Connections Alumnae Meeting;
  7. NEABPD Public Lectures;
  8. Clinician Education and Training;
  9. Annual NEABPD Israel Conference;
  10. Free Lending Library;
  11. Translation of books and articles into Hebrew;
  12. Website translation, renovation, and upkeep;
  13. Newsletters.
Donation Level

80 NIS will help us purchase one book for our lending library.

120 NIS will help us compose and publish one newsletter.

180 NIS will help us hold one FC Alumnae or Spousal FC Coffee Club Meeting.

250 NIS will help us translate a brief article into Hebrew.

360 NIS will help us run a public lecture.

1200 NIS will cover the subsidized cost for one participant in an FC (mixed, sibling, or parent) program.

1800 NIS will cover the subsidized cost for a couple to participate in an FC program.

If you wish to participate in funding our annual conference or an FC leadership training, or dedicate a book translation, please contact us directly for further information.

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