Links to Other BPD Resources

Use of the following sites is at the users own discretion, as they are neither a part of nor are they under the supervision of the NEABPD, Israel.

Refuat Hanefesh is a 501c3 recognized charity dedicated to decreasing the stigma surrounding mental illness through conversation and education, while providing a safe place for those affected to seek support and advice.

מרכזי יעוץ למשפחות של נפגעי נפש – Support Centers for Family Members of those Suffering from Mental Illness

Reflecting on DBT Assumptions about Patients and Therapy – Behavioral Tech Blog

Most accurate article on BPD we have read—kudos! | National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder

On-Demand | Jerusalem MHE (

To Parents of Children in the Pediatric Psych Ward (