In Memoriam: Perry D. Hoffman, PhD, President and Founding Member NEABPD USA and NEABPD Israel

With great sadness and shock we would like to inform you of Perry Hoffman’s untimely passing. Nafla Ateret Roshenu. May her memory be a blessing for her family and others, just as her life was for so many people who suffered with, or in the shadow of, BPD.

The following is the text of a letter she sent NEABPD, Israel in support of our ongoing work. It tells the story of NEABPD USA and of NEABPD Israel and reflects just a small part of what she accomplished in her 75 years on this earth. May we merit keeping her memory alive by continuing on in her path and making her proud! Yehi Zikhrah Barukh.

National Education Alliance For Borderline Personality Disorder
525 Lawn Terrace Mamaroneck, New York 10543

January, 2019


NEABPD is a not-for-profit organization started in the U.S. in 2001 by family members, consumers and one mental health professional.  Receiving grants from the National Institue of Mental Health, select efforts include NEABPD hosting over 80 conferences across the globe, the largest media library on borderline personality disorder, Call-in Series, published three books, hosted several Congressional Briefings, and spearheaded the early prevention and intervention initiative called GAP. It’s hallmark program is Family Connections.


Family Connections™

Family Connections (FC) is an evidence-based, family program designed for relatives of individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and related disorders. Up to 75% of BPD loved ones self injure, 10% suicide, estimate 33% of teens who make a suicide attempt have BPD. Caring for someone with the disorder is highly stressful and very challenging.

A 12 week x 2 hours, free, multiple-family group program available in-person, on a weekly conference call, or zoom format. Leaders are volunteers, family members and/or professionals trained by NEABPD* at a weekend intensive training.  Course components include education, DBT and family skills training and a support network.


NEABPD in other countries

NEABPD has now expanded to other countries including NEABPD Israel.

NEABPD Israel has made outstanding accomplishments over its past few years of it existence. It hosts the Family Connections program with more groups starting each year among other efforts, it provides lectures to various communities on BPD and a support service for families and individuals impacted by this challenging but highly treatable disorder.

As a founding member of NEABPD U.S., I am honored to be a Board Member of NEABPD Israel and support its work across the country.


Perry D. Hoffman, Ph.D.