Programs for Clinicians

​In Israel, a modified version of material from the Family Connections course is offered to clinicians who can benefit from a briefer introduction to BPD and DBT and to a family perspective on living with a relative suffering from symptoms of extreme emotional dysregulation. These lectures and series are perfect for professional development days, staff meetings, and personal enrichment.

We offer one-time lectures, PowerPoint presentations, or workshops on the following topics:

(1) Spotting Borderline Personality: Etiology and Traits 

(2) Borderline Personality Disorder: Treatment Protocols and Israeli Options

(3) Introduction to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy’s Four Core Modules

(4) Modifying DBT for Adolescents – The Middle Path

(5) Particular Skills: On Validation, On Radical Acceptance, On Limit Setting, On Problem Management

(6) The Family Member Experience and the Utility of DBT for Family Members

(7) “BPD: Traits and Treatment – Managing a Patient Suffering from BPD in Hospital” or “How to Put a Smile on the Nursing Staff’s Face without Raising Salaries”

Three-Part Series:

(1) Introduction to BPD: Etiology and Traits

(2) Introducing DBT’s Four Modules & Explaining How They Benefit Family Members and those with Lived Experience

(3) Case Studies: Working with Family Members

If you are particularly interested in a different set of lectures or a particular focus, please feel free to contact us and let us know what would suit you best.

To register for these options, please contact us.