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Having witnessed firsthand the difficulty of obtaining adequate treatment for sufferers of BPD and support for their families in Israel, NEABPD Israel is committed to disseminating information about the illness and when it may be diagnosed and to letting families know about the best-treatment options available in Israel and throughout the world. Many sufferers and their families are simply happy to learn that they are not alone!

In order to provide further support for families of those diagnosed (or,  as of yet, undiagnosed) with the illness, we also offer, at no cost, the well-known Family Connections (FC) program, which was developed and field-tested by the American NEABPD. Click here for information about this program.

See too, our post entitled “DBT for BPD” at

​We also consider ourselves fortunate to be part of the international NEABPD family. You can find a wealth of information in English (including instructional videos and lectures) on the American NEABPD website.

For further information, please contact us to set up a phone call or face-to-face meeting.