Online Lectures and Workshops

A Collection of Israeli NEABPD lectures in Hebrew:

Living in the Shadow of BPD for Family Members: Between Distress and Hope, Acceptance and Change” at Yahel, Hadera Conference on BPD [Audio in Hebrew] (December 26, 2021)

“How Families Cope with BPD and Are Empowered” (Time on Tape: 2:32-3:16) at Yadid Nefesh and Mercaz Hamishpachot Yachad (June 3, 2021)

Coping with BPD in the Family and Empowering Family Members through DBT” at  The Israeli Society for Community Mental Health 2019 conference (April 2019)

Living in the Shadow of BPD: A Family Perspective (Israeli NEABPD Video Series in Hebrew):

[1] Traits, Types of Dysregulation and Coping as a Family

[2] Distress Tolerance for Family Members

[3] Limitation Setting by Family Members

[4] Self-Care for Family Members: Self-Soothing, Self-Validation, Self-Compassion

[5] Validation and Self-Validation for Family Members

[5] How to Validate Using Wise Mind and Walking the Middle Path

A Collection of Lectures in English

[1] Corona, Forms of Addiction, and Mental Health: A Podcast by Dr. Jacob L. Freedman with Yeshivat Har Etzion Students (English)

[2] “Building Safe and Healthy Mental Health Relationships” with a focus on the role of family members in treatment (Mr. Meshulam Gotlieb’s Talk: 9:26-17:00)

[2] How to Include Family Members (Five Minute Response to Question at JMHE, May 2022)

[3] The Holidays Are Coming: DBT Strategies and Skills for Surviving and Thriving (Elul 5782/2022)

[4] The Holidays Are Coming: A Brief Review of Useful Skills (Validation, Self-Validation, Self-Compassion, Distress Tolerance, Self-Soothing