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​NEABPD Israel is the only Israeli mental health charity specifically dedicated to advocating for Borderline Personality Disorder sufferers (who comprise up to 5% of the population), and to increasing awareness among both clinicians and the general public about Borderline Personality Disorder and its treatment modalities. Given the difficulty in diagnosing the illness and prevailing misconceptions about it, such awareness is crucial to preventing unnecessary suffering.

  1. NEABPD Israel is the only Israeli mental health charity specifically dedicated to supporting the families of Borderline Personality Disorder sufferers.
  2. NEABPD Israel Family Connections leaders are trained to give the manualized and field-tested NEABPD Family Connections course, in which families help families. Scientific studies have shown the impressive efficacy of this course for participants.
  3. As part of the NEABPD international family, NEABPD Israel benefits from its close relationship with clinicians and laypeople in other countries, including the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Italy, and Sweden. Be a part of the global BPD revolution!
  4. Within the rubric of the Family Connections course, NEABPD Israel provides an introduction to the ground-breaking Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which has helped turn BPD into “a good prognosis diagnosis,” and which is now used in the treatment of many other mental illnesses, including, hard to treat eating disorders.
  5.  Within the rubric of the Family Connections course, NEABPD Israel also provides unique support for the families of those who suffer other forms of extreme emotional dysregulation that do not meet the criteria for a full BPD diagnosis.

As a grassroots, mental health, non-profit organization, the energy, ideas, and contributions that family members make is crucial to our growth and our ability to reach ever-growing numbers of sufferers and their families. Please contact us to speak to us about further partnership opportunities or to share other ideas you may have about how you can contribute by sharing your time, energy, or experience.

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