Our Family Members Say

March 2017

To the Facilitators of the first Family Connections course in Israel, 

Words can’t adequately express the immense gratitude that we all feel for everything that you have done for our group and for the greater community of people who have a family member suffering from BPD or emotional dysregulation.

Your wisdom, compassion and your drive to give to others what you yourself have learned (and internalized) is so inspiring!

The Graduates of the 1st Israeli Family Connections Group

February 2018

To the Facilitators of the third Family Connections course in Israel,

Thank you so much for spearheading the running of the Family Connections course. We all gained a tremendous amount. We appreciate the time and effort that you invested as well as all the personal sharing that you did.

The Graduates of the 3rd Israeli Family Connections Group

March 2018

To the Facilitators of the first Hebrew Family Connections course in Israel,

Thank you for giving so fully of your time and energy. Your sharing of your personal experiences is so invaluable. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!!

The Graduates of the 4th Israeli Family Connections Group

Our Family Connections Participants Also Say …..

  • Thank You!
  • Thank you so much for the Family Connections sessions, all your hard work and moral support. We learned so much and gained tremendously from the experience. May you go from strength to strength.
  • Thank you so much for presenting the FC course. It has been more helpful than you can possibly imagine! Now the hard part begins – practicing the skills in a real life situation!
  • An important class for all adults and teens [to take], not only parents of BPD sufferers.
  • An amazing, empowering, and positive experience. Professional and meaningful – Sorry it is ending!
  • The leaders were wonderful, super prepared and knowledgeable.
  • Family Connections not only gave me more skills to deal with the situations we all are facing but also gave me much support in my own life challenges. [I even used it with a very upset legal client of mine!]
  • The past few months were a growth experience for us.  Recently I spoke with “my loved one” – he answered my call! – and I felt myself slipping into an old pattern. I stopped it and simply started describing and validating. It worked. He even replied to a text I sent him later…I realize that I need to review the skills regularly. Are there alumnae meetings? Thank you for all your work, time and patience. It was special getting to know others in similar circumstances.
  • So is there a Family Connections alumnae group? [Yes, please contact us for further information.]

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