Clinicians Say

Please see the parallel Hebrew page for a letter from Maccabi, Raanana.

Lena Shore, B.Sc. B.Ed. M.Sc.

February 2018

Co-facilitating a Family Connections group with Meshulam was one of the highlights of my  week.  As a former high school teacher, I sometimes miss the stimulation and challenge of the classroom. So when, Meshulam approached me with the request to co-facilitate a group with him, I was very happy to accept.  And yes I got to teach again.  And yes it was enjoyable.   Yet, what I came away with after our 13 weeks together was something I was not quite prepared for.  I came away with a sense of profound respect and admiration for the courageous members of the group.  I came away with a deeper appreciation of the skills and how effective they could be.  I found myself growing both professionally with my clients and personally at home when challenges came up.  I felt more effective.  I felt more empowered.

I thank Meshulam for the opportunity to join Family Connections.  I hope to be able to co-facilitate future groups not only for what I know I can offer the group but also for what the group offers me – a chance to build and be built.   I walk away from this first experience humbled and enriched. I encourage my fellow professionals to take this opportunity if it is offered to them.

I am proud to be a member of the Family Connections team.